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  • Doing reorganisation right

    When I interview candidates for positions I've been hired to fill, I typically ask them to whom they currently report. I cannot tell you how often they respond, "That depends, what day of the week is it?" IT professionals are as likely as anyone to invest a tremendous amount of meaning in their titles, their headcount and their reporting lines, and CIOs who reorganize too often (or poorly) are in danger of losing talent. The CIOs below have found ways around that.

    Written by Martha Heller17 Dec. 11 01:43
  • Why CIOs detest the phrase 'IT and the business'

    I know a lot of CIOs who detest the phrase "IT and the business," implying as it does that IT is a thing apart, a foreign particle in the company body. As someone who believes in the power of language, I'm with them. I cringe to think how often we fall victim to that polarizing phrase in the pages of CIO.

    Written by Maryfran Johnson03 Nov. 11 05:51
  • Candid talk trumps the blame game

    Relationships between the CIO and business executives will inevitably become strained, with broken promises and eroding trust. So how do you keep them from going completely off the rails?

    Written by Diane Frank03 Nov. 11 05:30
  • It's time for CIOs to get in the game

    "I'm so done with alignment," declared the CIO pacing across the stage at our CIO Perspectives New York event a few weeks ago. "It's not even part of the conversation anymore. IT and the business are in this together. Period."

    Written by Maryfran Johnson13 May 11 09:03
  • IT-Business alignment a thing of the past

    How is your IT strategy developed? Most companies work tirelessly to make sure it directly aligns to the business strategy, but it's still a waterfall process: Decide on a business strategy, and then build a technology strategy to support it. In fact, according to Forrester data, more than two-thirds of IT leaders wait for business leaders to finalize their strategy before IT formulates its own.

    Written by Sharyn Leaver29 April 11 09:19
Features about IT Organization | Alignment
  • Bringing IT and the Business Together

    Funny thing about the word "and." You would think it would function as a connector, a word that implies the togetherness of two entities, like "stars and stripes" or "franks and beans." Yet the phrase "IT and the business" does not work that way. Rather, it connotes separateness and difference, creating an "us and them" perception that belies the actual embedded condition of IT.

    Written by Martha Heller22 July 10 23:48