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  • 12 top resolutions for 2019

    Tech teams need to lose the grunt work, go on a dev diet, and exercise more strategic thinking.

    Written by Dan Tynan03 Jan. 19 14:17
  • BYOD's Battle Royale Pits IT vs. Employee

    IT departments want to control the devices employees bring into the workplace. Employees say, 'my device, my rules.' It's an epic battle that promises to rage on, but who's winning right now? Check out this infographic for a BYOD scorecard.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige06 Nov. 13 14:39

Whitepapers about IT departments

  • Beyond the Password

    ​This paper explores how enterprises can move beyond the password (something the user ‘knows’) to an intelligent authentication process that eliminates the risk of weak and vulnerable passwords. It works by cross-validating with other authentication methods like a physical item such as a token or smartphone (something the user ‘has’) and/or a personal attribute like a fingerprint or retina scan (something the user ‘is’). Two-factor (2FA) authentication and multifactor authentication (MFA) are now possible with intelligent authentication across corporate software, Cloud services and smart device apps.