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  • 24 Alternative Careers for Tech Workers That Aren't in IT

    With IT departments laying off staff to cut costs and a grim outlook for IT job growth in 2009, now's a good time for tech workers to get out of IT. Here's a list of jobs tech workers could easily switch into. (But hold onto your hats, some may really surprise you.)

    Written by Meridith Levinson10 Dec. 08 11:45
  • Self-Promotion at Work: 8 Tips for Shy People

    IT people are often taught that their work should speak for itself, but if you want to survive the economic downturn with your job intact, you've got to promote your work. Here are eight ways to self-promote without being obnoxious.

    Written by Meridith Levinson26 Nov. 08 11:00
  • Customise The Pace of Your IT Career

    You can customise your clothes, your car, and now, thanks to Deloitte, IT pros can customise their careers.

    Written by Kathleen Lau19 Nov. 08 10:04