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  • The power of effective communication

    Three CIOs share how they are working to build trust and credibility with non-IT peers and executives.

    Written by CIO Staff06 Jan. 16 08:50
  • How CIO Pradip Sitaram turned around a messy, untrusted IT environment

    Most people looking at a messy spaghetti ball of disparate IT systems, with a traditional work culture, would probably say 'no thanks'. But not Pradip Sitaram, who took on that challenge five years ago when he joined Enterprise Community Investment in the US as CIO.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett14 July 15 15:46
  • Finding common ground with your CEO

    With technology now at the core of most business transactions, the relationship between CIO and CEO is assuming an increasing significance.

    Written by Fran Molloy11 Oct. 13 11:01
  • How to smooth IT-business friction

    Infographic: Why can't IT pros and business pros get along? Maybe there is inherent tension between the two groups, but there are ways tech and end-users can work together. BMC Software looks at the prevailing sentiment and offers suggestions to improve communications.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige01 Aug. 13 20:51