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  • The power of effective communication

    Three CIOs share how they are working to build trust and credibility with non-IT peers and executives.

    Written by CIO Staff06 Jan. 16 08:50
  • CIO Q&A: MVRC's Chris Skorsis

    With just over a decade of experience in the CIO role, Chris Skorsis has seen it change and evolve over the years into a business leadership role. However, he says for CIOs to perform just as well with the business side of things as they do with technology they need to start equipping themselves with a business education.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett03 April 13 15:15
Features about IT-business alignment
  • Selling IT to the business, means business

    Rick Vosila is director IT, continuous improvement and quality, with United Technologies Corporation, Climate, Controls and Security Division (UTC CCS). A bit of a mouthful, and probably better and informally described, at least to most Australians, as Chubb Security.

    Written by Tim Mendham22 April 13 09:26