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  • 10 tips for implementing IPS securely

    An intrusion prevention system (IPS) includes all the features of an intrusion detection system but also has the ability to act upon malicious traffic. Since the IPS usually sits in line with network traffic it can shut down attacks, typically by blocking access from the attacker or blocking access to the target. In some cases, the IPS can talk to the firewall to block an attack.

    Written by Phil Lerner, VP technology, Stonesoft Americas26 Nov. 12 19:00
  • U.S. government honored for pioneering work in IPv6

    The IPv6 Forum on Tuesday presented a special award to four U.S. government officials for their pioneering work in promoting IPv6, an emerging upgrade to the Internet's main communications protocol.

    Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan14 Nov. 12 16:42
  • ISOC honors Facebook, Comcast execs for IPv6 work

    The Internet Society last night awarded its highest honor for work related to IPv6, the next generation Internet Protocol, to executives from Facebook and Comcast. Recipients of the award were Paul Saab and Donn Lee, software engineers at Facebook, and John Brzozowski, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect for IPv6 at Comcast.

    Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan08 Nov. 12 17:53
  • Comcast expands IPv6 services into four more states

    Comcast continues to extend its leadership role in the adoption of next-generation Internet services with the news that it has expanded its production <a href="">IPv6</a> deployment into four more states -- Illinois, Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey -- over the past six weeks.

    Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan15 Dec. 11 02:20
  • Cisco how-to guides for firewalls, IPv6, contact centers and security exams

    If you're ready for a technical deep dive in a book, the Cisco Networking Technology Series provides that in its collection of volumes on topics that include Cisco firewalls, Cisco Unity Connection voice-messaging platform, Cisco Contact Center, <a href="">IPv6</a> and more. Here's a quick review of the books published in this series by Cisco Press this year.

    Written by Ellen Messmer17 Nov. 11 09:20
  • How to get IPv6 addresses from ARIN

    Whenever I help a company deploy IPv6, the first question I'm asked is how to get provider independent IPv6 address space from ARIN. ARIN has new <a href="">policy guidelines</a> that affect how a company approaches its allocation justification request for IPv6 vs. what was required for IPv4.

    Written by Ed Horley16 Nov. 11 07:38
  • Will the sky fall if you don't deploy IPv6?

    The author is a Senior Network Engineer specializing in large-scale enterprise and data center network design for the Department of Defense

    Written by Brian Heder28 Oct. 11 08:37
  • Net monitoring tool now ships with IPv6

    In another sign that network vendors are prepping for the near-term shift of service provider and enterprise networks to IPv6, Paessler AG has begun shipping a new version of its network monitoring tool that supports the next-generation Internet Protocol.

    Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan18 Oct. 11 01:40
  • Who's who in IPv6: the companies and people leading the way

    <a href="">IPv6</a> is on the minds of every network professional these days, and rightly so. While some vendors and service providers are woefully behind, others are leading the charge. We asked well-known IPv6 expert Ed Horley to name these leaders. Horley is co-chairman of the California IPv6 Task Force, is involved in the North American IPv6 Task Force and earns his living as principal solutions architect at Groupware Technology in Campbell, Calif. He lists the thought leaders for IPv6 among network equipment providers and service providers including CPE devices, routers/switches, load balancers, address management, content delivery networks and more. Got an idea for an article? Contact Network World Community Editor Julie Bort,

    Written by Ed Horley07 Oct. 11 05:02
  • Startup promotes simultaneous upgrades to IPv6, cloud

    A start-up consulting firm founded by former Cisco engineers is targeting a new niche for enterprise IT departments: helping them deploy <a href="">IPv6</a> and <a href="">cloud computing</a> simultaneously to reduce overhead costs.

    Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan06 Oct. 11 07:45
  • HP aims high with top-of-rack 10G Ethernet switch

    <a href="">HP</a> this week is rolling out an array of networking products for the enterprise campus, branch and <a href="">data center</a>, including a <a href="">switch that fills a major gap</a> in the company's offerings.

    Written by Jim Duffy05 Oct. 11 23:26
  • CloudFlare unveils free IPv6 translation service

    Startup CloudFlare is turning the economics of IPv6 transition on its head with a free cloud-based IPv6-to-IPv4 translation service that is available to website operators starting today.

    Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan27 Sept. 11 23:47