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  • Optus, Vodafone unveil iPhone 4S pricing

    Optus and Vodafone have released detailed pricing information for Apple’s iPhone 4S, which will be available in Australia from 14 October.

    Written by Chloe Herrick10 Oct. 11 09:43
  • Siri: FAQs about the iPhone 4S personal assistant

    Apple baked in iOS 5 a surprise feature that allows you to have a conversation with your phone. It's called Siri: a voice-enabled personal assistant feature that uses the built-in Apple apps on an iPhone to find the information you ask it for.

    Written by Daniel Ionescu06 Oct. 11 04:39
  • New iPhone 4S: Antenna 'death grip' now slightly harder

    Apple has changed the antenna in the new iPhone 4S so that the cellular radio in the phone can choose between two antennas, depending on which one is sending or receiving signal best. These two antennas are part of the stainless steel band that wraps around the sides of the iPhone 4 and the new 4S. On the iPhone 4 this band is split up into several antennas so that one piece does Wi-Fi, another does GPS, another does Bluetooth and still another does cellular.

    Written by Mark Sullivan06 Oct. 11 08:37
  • iPhone 4S chatter swamps the Web

    Apple's iPhone 4S announcement in Cupertino, Calif., predictably turned into a major social media event, prompting techies to post tens of thousands of related tweets on Twitter, thousands of thumbs-up likes on Facebook, and hundreds of comments on popular news sites during the 90 minute-long event.

    Written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan05 Oct. 11 09:33
  • Apple iPhone 4S roundup

    Following Apple's announcement of its iPhone 4S, CIO Australia has compiled a roundup of the latest news on the newly introduced smartphone.

    Written by CIO Staff05 Oct. 11 10:37
  • Apple iPhone 4S (preview)

    A new iPhone is here and it’s called the iPhone 4S. Featuring an identical physical design to the previous iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S (like the iPhone 3GS before it) is betting on upgraded internals win over the crowd.

    Written by Ross Catanzariti05 Oct. 11 06:14