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  • Yahoo email anti-spoofing policy breaks mailing lists

    In an attempt to block email spoofing attacks on addresses, Yahoo began imposing a stricter email validation policy that unfortunately breaks the usual workflow on legitimate mailing lists.

    Written by Lucian Constantin08 April 14 22:40
  • Internet infrastructure groups move away from US gov't over spying

    After recent revelations about the U.S. National Security Agency's widespread surveillance of Internet communications, the coordination of the Internet's technical infrastructure should move away from U.S. government oversight, said 10 groups involved in the Internet's technical governance.

    Written by Grant Gross16 Oct. 13 16:34
  • Google's chances to obtain dotless 'http://search' domain are shrinking

    Google's chances of obtaining the "http://search" domain name are shrinking after several committees affiliated with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) recently warned that dotless domain names could be harmful to the Internet.

    Written by Loek Essers15 July 13 16:13
Features about Internet Engineering Task Force
  • An insider's guide to the private IPv4 market

    We've been hearing about the impending depletion of IPv4 addresses for years, but that day is finally upon us -- the free supply of IPv4 numbers in North America will be completely gone within a month or two.

    Written by Marc Lindsey, Janine Goodman28 May 15 04:35
  • iWARP update advances RDMA over Ethernet for data center and cloud networks

    The challenge for data center operators selecting a high performance transport technology for their network is striking the ideal balance between acquisition, deployment and management costs, and support for high performance capabilities such as the remote direct memory access (RDMA) protocol.

    Written by Wael Noureddine, David Fair11 Dec. 14 07:40