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  • Yahoo to sell Delicious to Stumble Upon?

    Yahoo is thought to be in the process of wrapping up a deal to sell bookmarking service Delicious for US$1m.

    Written by Carrie-Ann Skinner19 March 11 05:11
  • Wi-Fi is 30% slower than fixed broadband

    Web users relying on Wi-Fi networks rather than fixed broadband connections to access the web experience slower speeds, says Epitiro.

    Written by Carrie-Ann Skinner11 March 11 01:50
  • Gmail bug sees old emails wiped from inbox

    Thousands of Gmail users have seen their old emails wiped from their inbox following a bug that affected Google's webmail service.

    Written by Carrie-Ann Skinner01 March 11 01:51
  • Govt websites could face WikiLeaks revenge attack

    The UK's national security advisor has warned that government websites used to upload tax returns or claims benefits are at risk of attack from hackers who support <a href="">WikiLeaks</a>.

    Written by Carrie-Ann Skinner15 Dec. 10 04:48
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  • How to get 150,000 Twitter followers

    Despite sharing every banal aspect of my life in mind-numbing detail, I remain some way short of 150,000 Twitter followers.

    Written by Matt Egan27 Aug. 10 03:39
  • How to choose who sees your photos on Facebook

    QUESTION: I signed up for a Facebook account and uploaded some photos to my profile. I was soon contacted out of the blue by someone I didn't want to hear from and who I didn't know could see my photos and profile. I've been told that I should stop using Facebook, but will I still be able to see my photos if I cancel my account, and how can I make sure no one else can see them?

    Written by Chris Byers18 Aug. 10 03:17