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News about Intel acquiring McAfee
  • McAfee CEO shares Intel acquisition insights

    A greater focus on research and development and an added third layer of security were key decision making factors behind McAfee's decision to sign on to its acquistion by Intel.

    Written by Lisa Banks15 Sept. 10 11:49
  • Intel buys McAfee for $US7.68 billion

    Hardware vendor Intel has acquired security firm McAfee in a move that may result in a market monopoly by the industry giant.

    Written by Lisa Banks20 Aug. 10 11:16
  • Intel-McAfee deal could spark shareholder lawsuits

    Shareholder lawsuits may be looming over the proposed Intel acquisition of McAfee, with at least two law firms signaling they are looking into whether McAfee's board of directors acted in the best interests of shareholders in approving the deal.

    Written by Ellen Messmer20 Aug. 10 06:28