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  • Fujitsu says its all-in-one PC-phones cut power consumption for UC

    Unifying communications (UC) by replacing separate PCs and telephones with a PC equipped with a headset and some telephony software can sound like a great idea until the first electricity bill for those always-on PCs comes in. Fujitsu hopes to end that bill shock with an always-on multimedia PC for businesses that features a special power-saving mode.

    Written by Peter Sayer09 March 14 23:24
  • Windows 8.1 creates mouse-control problems for gamers

    Gamers who upgraded their PCs to Windows 8.1 are enduring mouse-control problems that affect their ability to play, a problem Microsoft acknowledged this week.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez01 Nov. 13 20:58
  • DoCoMo shows 'touch display' for computer glasses

    Head-mounted computers like Google Glass are a useful way to view content and interact with the world on the move, but one drawback is the lack of a physical interface on which the user can click, drag or navigate content.

    Written by Martyn Williams30 Sept. 13 23:25
  • Douglas Engelbart, inventor of the computer mouse, has died

    Douglas Engelbart, a Silicon Valley engineer who invented the computer mouse and is credited with many of the concepts that underpin modern computing and the Internet, died on Tuesday at his home in Atherton, California. He was 88.

    Written by Martyn Williams03 July 13 22:36
  • Nvidia says Tegra 4 can power a better, cheaper stylus

    Nvidia is usually trumpeting the graphics performance of its Tegra 4 chip, but at the Computex trade show on Tuesday CEO Jen-Hsun Huang showed how its newest processor can be used to create a precise, affordable stylus for tablets.

    Written by James Niccolai04 June 13 06:42
  • Hands-on: Zaggfolio Bluetooth keyboard case for the iPad 2

    The Zaggfolio for iPad 2 is a well-designed case that includes a removable Bluetooth mobile keyboard. As a result, it can be used as just a case (by removing the keyboard), as just a keyboard (by pulling the keyboard out of the case and slipping your iPad into a groove just above the top row of keys) or as a combined case/keyboard.

    Written by Sharon Machlis05 Nov. 11 02:12
  • Hands-on: 5 wireless keyboards for the iPad

    Even if you're comfortable with the iPad 2's on-screen keyboard and can happily tap out a status update or quick email, you might not want to use it for tasks like writing a lengthy report. One option is to ditch the tablet for a full-fledged laptop -- but it might be just as easy to add a wireless Bluetooth keyboard to the iPad.

    Written by Sharon Machlis22 Sept. 11 00:46
  • Window shopping goes high tech with gesture recognition

    German researchers have given a new meaning to window shopping. At the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute showed a prototype that lets shoppers learn more about what's in a store display window when the store is closed.

    Written by Nick Barber04 Sept. 11 18:47
  • Magic Mouse vs. Magic Trackpad

    Shoppers buying one of Apple's shiny new Thunderbolt-equipped iMacs are faced with a choice before they check out: Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, or both?

    Written by Dan Moren and Lex Friedman09 May 11 07:19