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  • Federal court rules for employee in Infosys case

    An Infosys Technologies employee, who alleged in a lawsuit that the Indian offshore outsourcing company wrongly used visitor visas in its work, won a federal court decision that will allow him to bring his case to a jury.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau11 Nov. 11 07:34
  • Whistleblower presents evidence of alleged visa abuse

    The Infosys employee who is suing the Indian IT service provider for allegedly violating visa and tax laws in order to increase its profit margins has gone more public in recent weeks, providing written testimony of his claims to Congress and instructing his lawyer to share internal Infosys documents and emails with that appear to back up some of his assertions.

    Written by Stephanie Overby16 Aug. 11 01:46
  • Infosys served US subpoena on B-1 visas

    Indian outsourcer Infosys Technologies said that it received a subpoena on Monday from a U.S. grand jury to provide certain documents and records in connection with the company's use and sponsorship of B-1 business visas.

    Written by John Ribeiro25 May 11 02:01
  • Infosys appoints banker as chairman, shortens name

    India's second largest outsourcer, Infosys Technologies, has announced a change of leadership, choosing for the first time as its chairman someone who is not one of the founders of the company.

    Written by John Ribeiro02 May 11 20:48
  • Clients want access to CEOs at Indian outsourcers: report

    Clients of Indian outsourcers consider it critical to have access to, and to build a relationship with, the heads of these companies, according to a study by Offshore Insights, a research and advisory firm in Pune, India.

    Written by John Ribeiro29 April 11 22:55