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  • Microsoft is making Big Data really small using DNA

    Microsoft has partnered with a San Francisco-based company to encode information on synthetic DNA to test its potential as a new medium for data storage.

    Written by Blair Hanley Frank28 April 16 10:32
  • Telstra’s ‘five knows of cyber security’

    Telstra lives by ‘five knows of cyber security’ when it comes to protecting information across the organisation, according to chief security officer, Mike Burgess.

    Written by Byron Connolly31 Aug. 15 15:28
  • The real risks of moving to the cloud

    Control over your data and its security are impaired when you pass it to a cloud provider, says Guy Betar.

    Written by Guy Betar26 June 15 14:47
  • Why does IT exist?

    The fundamental information within an organisation is way more important than any of the technology used to manage that information. This is what the ‘I’ in CIO represents, writes Geoff Lazberger. So how do you impress upon the executive team the real value of information?

    Written by Geoff Lazberger15 Aug. 13 06:58
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  • Enabling Finance in a Digital Enterprise to Plan, Monitor, and Predict

    Information is the catalyst for transformation in today's increasingly online business environment. Today it is possible to state that: - Every industry is now an information industry whether the product or service itself is data (e.g. financial services or telecommunications) or whether the product is physical but yields data that can be instantly tracked, measured, and optimised (e.g. oil and gas, manufacturing, or logistics). - Every role is now an information role. From finance to sales and marketing to operations, roles are being redefined to set priorities, evaluate alternatives, make decisions, and take action in response to the latest information.

  • Dealing with the data deluge