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  • Do We Need a Title IX for STEM Workers?

    Senior government official says the landmark education reform bill is a possible template for addressing shortage of technical workers and bridging the gender gap in IT.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin16 May 14 23:57
  • IT Skills Gap Is Really an Education Gap

    In Part 2 of's three-part series on the technology skills gap in America, Gary Beach suggests that the issue is really an education gap. When it comes to math and science education, is the United States a nation at risk?

    Written by Gary Beach15 Oct. 13 13:46
  • Students Learn to Win With Gamification

    As 30-somethings go back to college to earn a first or a new degree, they sometimes need a bit of a confidence boost to re-engage with learning. At Kaplan University, students are rewarded with badges and higher rankings on leaderboards as they master skills and accomplish goals.

    Written by Lauren Brousell08 Aug. 13 13:51