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  • Taiwan's ITRI develops e-paper technology

    Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), one of the world's largest R&D organizations, has developed e-paper technology which it expects to be used mainly as easily updated signage and posters in shops and other public areas.

    Written by Alan Patterson08 June 11 15:08
  • Taiwan pushes IT sector to target user experience

    Officials in Taiwan said on Wednesday they would work with the island's hardware-intensive IT sector over the next three years to design new ways for users to interact with PCs, e-readers and digital television.

    Written by Ralph Jennings30 March 11 20:36
  • Taiwan researchers seek to perfect LED backlights, MEMS

    A government-funded research institute in Taiwan have kicked off a three-year effort to develop cheaper, longer-lasting LED backlights in mobile phones, notebook PCs and television sets, a project manager said on Friday.

    Written by Ralph Jennings04 March 11 19:37
  • LTE-Advanced mobile standard gets go-ahead from industry

    Major handset makers meeting on Friday in Taipei gave their nod to a final version of the world's first advanced LTE mobile data standard, which will raise transfer speeds to 1Gbps.

    Written by Ralph Jennings25 Feb. 11 19:19
  • Mobile heavyweights seek to finalize 1Gbps mobile standard

    The world's top handset makers are meeting this week to finalize a version of an advanced mobile communication standard that would raise data transfer speeds to 1Gbps, an event organizer said on Monday.

    Written by Ralph Jennings21 Feb. 11 21:40