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  • Microsoft to start automatic updates of IE without asking the user

    Microsoft next year will change its automated update process for the Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser to push out the latest version of the browser for XP, Vista and Windows 7 without the notification-style install prompt presented to the end user today.

    Written by Ellen Messmer16 Dec. 11 00:30
  • Firefox 4 speeds past 20 million downloads

    In the first week of its release, the Firefox Web browser has already tallied more than 20 million downloads with a real-time heat map recording the activity.

    Written by Rodney Gedda25 March 11 09:58
  • IE9 gets the browser out of the way

    I got a guided tour of Microsoft's new IE9 browser here at SWSW, and saw several features that I believe raise the bar for web browsers.

    Written by Mark Sullivan14 March 11 10:01
  • IE9: Five ways it cuts browser clutter

    It's a little ironic that the main focus of yesterday's Internet Explorer 9 beta launch event in San Francisco was to de-emphasize the browser itself.

    Written by Shane O'Neill17 Sept. 10 07:14