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  • How IBM plans to get with the times

    The IBM Edge2014 infrastructure event hinted at how the company plans to use experience to its advantage. Far from burning out or fading away like an aging rock star, IBM intends to join today's young rockers on stage -- and steal the show.

    Written by Rob Enderle26 May 14 12:18
  • IBM complaint might have just cost Amazon $600M CIA cloud deal

    Amazon Web Services may have just lost out on a $600 million contract to supply cloud computing services to the Central Intelligence Agency, after the federal government upheld a protest that IBM had made related to the awarding of the contract.

    Written by Brandon Butler06 June 13 22:11
  • IBM says OpenStack will be central to its future cloud strategy

    Already a platinum member of the cloud operating system platform OpenStack, IBM officials said open source code from the project will be the foundation of the company's cloud strategy moving forward, including a new product it announced today.

    Written by Brandon Butler04 March 13 23:33
  • IBM takes aim at Amazon in the cloud

    In what appears to be a swipe at market leader Amazon Web Services, IBM this week has announced a new version of its public cloud computing offering that provides customers additional support and services to manage enterprise applications in its cloud, such as those from SAP.

    Written by Brandon Butler30 Jan. 13 16:03
  • Cloud service partnerships could boom in 2013

    Cloud service providers will seek out partnerships to offer a wider breadth of services that customers are increasingly demanding, a new report from research firm Current Analysis predicts.

    Written by Brandon Butler11 Jan. 13 18:01
  • CES 2013: IBM wants to connect your whole house to its Cloud

    A big theme at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been the connected home. There are televisions connected to the Cloud; refrigerators connected to the Internet; heating, lighting and security systems connected to sensors and monitors. And IBM wants all of those devices to be connected to its Cloud.

    Written by Brandon Butler10 Jan. 13 22:06
  • 16 of the most useful cloud management tools

    One of the biggest concerns users have with public cloud resources is not knowing how much they will cost, given the pay-as-you-go model.

    Written by Brandon Butler17 Dec. 12 20:01