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  • Huawei set to announce lawsuit against US as it seeks to strike back

    Huawei Technologies is set to announce a lawsuit against the United States, ratcheting up its response to a campaign aimed at closing it out of Western markets for fear its telecoms equipment could be used by Beijing for spying.

    Written by Reuters07 March 19 10:55
  • Huawei calls for common cyber security standards amidst concerns

    Huawei, in the spotlight over the security risks of its telecom equipment gear, urged governments, the telecoms industry and regulators on Tuesday to work together to create a common set of cyber security standards.

    Written by Reuters06 March 19 07:57
  • Merkel reportedly seeking no-spying deal with China over Huawei issue

    Chancellor Angela Merkel wants to agree a deal with China not to spy on each other so that Germany does not have to exclude Huawei on principle from building a 5G network in Germany, a magazine on Tuesday cited security sources as saying.

    Written by Reuters28 Feb. 19 09:02
  • Flexible smartphones the future?

    Flexible and folding formats framed the future of smartphones this week as manufacturers focused on new forms in an effort to jolt the market out of uniformity and re-invigorate sales.

    Written by Reuters26 Feb. 19 09:52
  • Huawei plans to expel British security fears

    Huawei will present a plan to address British security concerns about its equipment by the end of the first half of this year, a senior company executive said on Thursday, following criticism the Chinese firm has not moved fast enough to fix the issues.

    Written by Reuters22 Feb. 19 09:53