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  • Microsoft's hosted apps earn federal certification

    Microsoft said on Wednesday that its BPOS-Federal service has received an important certification that allows federal organizations to use the service.

    Written by Nancy Gohring21 April 11 10:13
  • Lenovo announces service for cloud-aware clients

    Lenovo on Tuesday announced a hosted applications service that can detect the hardware capabilities of an end user's laptop and tailor the service accordingly.

    Written by Agam Shah13 April 11 04:40
  • Microsoft Intune goes live

    After a yearlong <a href="">beta program</a>, the Windows Intune hosted desktop management service is going live, Microsoft announced Wednesday.

    Written by Joab Jackson24 March 11 02:31
  • IBM streamlines services offering

    Hoping to cut costs and speed delivery of IT systems, IBM has developed a set of technology templates for its services portfolio that will allow the company to more quickly stand up customer systems, the company announced Wednesday.

    Written by Joab Jackson24 March 11 01:35
  • Cisco to stay out of the services business

    Cisco Systems plans to collaborate rather than compete with IT services providers as it targets new market opportunities such as virtual education and health for communities, a senior company executive said on Wednesday.

    Written by John Ribeiro10 March 11 01:41
  • Cloud Cruiser aims to ease cloud chargeback issue

    As more companies shift more work to the cloud, they are struggling with a new financial problem, namely how to accurately charge business units for use of the cloud services.

    Written by Nancy Gohring02 March 11 00:10
  • Verizon to offer cloud-based unified communications

    Verizon is getting set to offer its customers unified communications services that can include presence information, instant messaging, videoconferencing and fixed-mobile call handoffs through a Cisco Systems-based cloud infrastructure.

    Written by Stephen Lawson01 March 11 09:55
  • Amazon wants to make it easier to build complex clouds

    With the launch of CloudFormation, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is hoping to make it easier for enterprises to put together stacks of applications and resources for its cloud computing service, the company said on Friday.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs25 Feb. 11 21:55
  • India's MindTree offers remote IT management tools

    MindTree, a mid-size Indian outsourcer, has developed its own remote IT infrastructure management service delivery platform, MWatch, in a bid to differentiate its remote management services from those of its larger competitors.

    Written by John Ribeiro23 Feb. 11 23:03
  • Tata introduces cloud service for SMB segment

    Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), India's largest outsourcer, is targeting small and medium-size businesses with a combination of hardware, networking, and office and business software on a pay-per-use model.

    Written by John Ribeiro15 Feb. 11 23:00
  • Cisco backs OpenStack cloud platform

    Cisco Systems has thrown its weight behind OpenStack, the open-source cloud infrastructure platform developed jointly by NASA and managed service provider Rackspace Hosting.

    Written by James Niccolai04 Feb. 11 05:08
  • GoGrid offers hosted private cloud

    GoGrid has rolled out a hosted private cloud offering, designed to offer customers the benefits of the public cloud on dedicated hardware.

    Written by Nancy Gohring20 Jan. 11 06:54
  • 10 IT-related predictions for 2011

    We were wrong -- so far -- that Carol Bartz would be ousted as Yahoo CEO by the end of this year, but we were right that Apple's tablet, whose name wasn't known at the end of last year, would be huge. OK, so that second one was probably a given, but not all of our 2010 predictions were so easy. We think the same is true with our 2011 predictions.

    Written by Nancy Weil21 Dec. 10 01:46
  • Policy, education key to reining in rogue cloud

    It used to be that rogue access points and USB drives kept IT administrators up at night, worrying about employees exporting sensitive corporate data. Now, with good reason, they're worrying about employees using cloud services in ways that could compromise corporate data.

    Written by Nancy Gohring16 Dec. 10 02:53