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  • Japan's NTT Com goes on global data center offensive

    NTT Communications, the IT arm of Japan's main telecommunications operator, is aggressively expanding its data center operations outside the country as part of a push to offer its cloud-hosting services worldwide.

    Written by Jay Alabaster20 Feb. 13 10:17
  •'s Heroku launches stand-alone database service's Heroku division has launched a stand-alone version of its PostgreSQL-based database, giving developers a "battle-tested" way to build applications with the cloud platform of their choosing, the company announced this week.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus24 Nov. 11 02:40
  • Google protects its current HTTPS traffic against future attacks

    Google has modified the encryption method used by its HTTPS-enabled services including Gmail, Docs and Google+, in order to prevent current traffic from being decrypted in the future when technological advances make this possible.

    Written by Lucian Constantin24 Nov. 11 01:18
  • Customer, Lawson Software, hosting provider in legal dustup over ERP project

    Health-care business services provider MedSynergies has sued Lawson Software and hosting company Velocity Technology Solutions over a rash of alleged problems with an ERP (enterprise-resource-planning) application project, but Lawson and Velocity say MedSynergies is just trying to get out of a contract it inherited through an acquisition.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus18 Oct. 11 06:39
  • Oracle cancels Marc Benioff's keynote chairman and CEO, Marc Benioff will on Wednesday speak at a local restaurant in San Francisco, after his keynote at Oracle OpenWorld 2011 was cancelled by Oracle.

    Written by John Ribeiro05 Oct. 11 18:02
  • 9/11: Attacks changed the way companies view IT

    The Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks led to scores of changes in how U.S. residents live and do business, and the IT industry was not spared.

    Written by Grant Gross09 Sept. 11 03:31
  • Four companies rethink databases for the cloud

    Several companies are developing new database technologies to solve what they see as the shortcomings of traditional, relational database management systems in a cloud environment. Four of them described the approaches they're taking during a panel at the GigaOm Structure conference on Thursday.

    Written by James Niccolai24 June 11 10:42
  • Outage hits hosted Exchange customers

    Delays hitting Microsoft's hosted e-mail service have been mitigated, the company said, following more than 100 posts on a forum about mail slowdowns and outages since Tuesday.

    Written by Nancy Gohring13 May 11 06:33
  • Rackspace to wind down Slicehost

    Some Slicehost users were dismayed to hear that Rackspace, which acquired the company in 2008, plans to wind down the service.

    Written by Nancy Gohring04 May 11 08:56
  • CenturyLink to buy Savvis for $2.5B

    CenturyLink has agreed to buy hosting company Savvis for about US$2.5 billion in cash and shares, the companies announced Wednesday.

    Written by Peter Sayer27 April 11 23:03