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  • Smart home hacking is easier than you think

    Last March, a very satisfied user of the Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostat left a product review on that shed some light on an unexpected benefit of the smart home -- revenge.

    Written by Colin Neagle02 April 15 22:58
  • Generation Nervous? Millennial searches focus on anxiety meds

    An analysis of U.S. employee web searches for healthcare services showed that millennials search more frequently for anti-anxiety meds and women use specific medical terms while men tend to generalize.

    Written by Lucas Mearian08 Oct. 14 11:33
  • Christmas in summer: Rounding up Gadgety Goodness in NYC

    The temperatures were hovering near 80, but there definitely was a "Christmas in June" vibe at last night's Digital Experience in New York, sponsored by Pepcom. More than 50 companies were showing off their latest digital products to the press, hoping to get some additional eyeballs and coverage as we start preparing the end-of-year gift guides and other such features. The event was also a prelude to next week's CE Week in New York, in which we'll see even more gadgets and gizmos.

    Written by Keith Shaw21 June 14 03:46