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  • WORK: Gift ideas for the office (or home office)

    With today's flexible workstyles, your office can be in a corporate workspace or the dining room table of your home. No matter the place, sometimes you need more than just a notebook and a mouse to get things done - so we're here to help.

    Written by Keith Shaw19 Nov. 12 14:55
  • Hollywood studios pushing for secure, next-generation "digital home library"

    Home entertainment today is often provided through a clutter of TVs, tablets, and computers, along with TV specialty boxes for yet more streaming video or music services. But some Hollywood studios are hoping to find better ways to deliver paid content to consumers directly to hard drives and flash storage, according to Cryptography Research, which is working on a futuristic project to do that.

    Written by Ellen Messmer24 Oct. 12 19:55
  • Going where no cameras have gone before

    The video surveillance industry is undergoing a sea change as older analog systems give way to IP-based systems.

    Written by Michael Tennefoss of Aruba Networks17 Sept. 10 03:40