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  • Historical computing: The launch of the IBM System/360

    In 1964 IBM announced one of the most famous mainframes ever, the IBM System/360 which, on the low end versions ran at 0.0018 to 0.034 MIPS. For the time, that was serious performance ... in comparison, the iMac I'm writing this on runs at 92,100 MIPS.

    Written by Mark Gibbs30 June 14 22:46
  • IBM at 100: Will cannibalise for Cloud

    IBM turned 100 today. Since its humble beginnings as Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation in June 16, 1911, IBM has survived through many ups and downs in the economy and paradigm shifts within the IT industry. One of the biggest shifts is happening right now in the form of Cloud services, and the company is poised to sacrifice its own business to the tune of $7 billion to be part of the revolution.

    Written by Rodney Gedda16 June 11 16:18
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  • CIO Blast from the Past: 60 years of Hamming codes

    In 1950 Bell Labs researcher, Richard W Hamming, made a discovery that would lay an important foundation for the entire modern computing and communications industries. He had invented a code for correcting errors in communication and the Hamming code was born. CIO Blast from the Past takes a journey through 60 years of information theory and discovers how the Hamming code legacy lives on today.

    Written by Rodney Gedda25 Nov. 10 14:09
  • CIO Blast from the Past: 40 years of Multics, 1969-2009

    October 2009 marked an important milestone in the history of computing. It was exactly 40 years since the first Multics computer system was used for information management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In this edition of Blast from the Past we talk to Fernando Corbato on the early days of Multics, why it was so influential, open source and software development practices, and how cloud computing is a modern incarnation of Multics’ time-sharing philosophy.

    Written by Rodney Gedda11 Nov. 09 09:56
  • SLIDESHOW: CIO Blast from the Past - 40 years of Multics

    2009 marks 40 years since the first release of Multics, the groundbreaking operating system that pioneered time-sharing and paved the way for the development of Unix. In October 1969 the first production Multics system began operations at MIT. Take a tour of the past four decades of Multics with CIO.

    Written by Rodney Gedda11 Nov. 09 09:38
  • SLIDESHOW: CIO Blast from the Past - 60 years of cryptography

    2009 marks 60 years since the advent of modern cryptography. In October 1949 Claude Shannon published a paper on the mathematical basis of cryptography and since then electronic communications has strived towards more security. Take a tour of the past six decades with CIO.

    Written by Rodney Gedda18 Sept. 09 15:07
  • SLIDESHOW: CIO Blast from the Past -- 110 Years of IBM technology

    A visual tour of IBM technology from the original 1899 Moneyweight Scale to Roadrunner, the first system to break the petaflop barrier, and everything in between. How many of these systems have you used during your career in IT?

    Written by CIO Staff17 Sept. 09 12:02