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  • Patent firm sues German retailers for selling HTC phones

    IPCom, a German company that licenses technology patents for mobile phones, is suing German retailers for continuing to sell 3G phones from High Tech Computer (HTC) in violation of a court injunction issued in 2009.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk24 Dec. 11 01:15
  • Microsoft signs Android licensing deal with Samsung

    Microsoft has signed a cross-license patent agreement with Samsung Electronics that grants Microsoft royalties from Samsung's Android-based smartphones and tablets, Microsoft said in a statement on Wednesday.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs29 Sept. 11 00:47
  • Never mind the lawsuits, HTC is on a buying spree

    Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has been on a buying spree to reshape its business and help defend against lawsuits, though it remains to be seen if the strategy will help it gain ground on rivals such as Apple, Samsung and Research In Motion.

    Written by Jason Tan07 Sept. 11 08:09
  • Big is not always better with smartphone screens

    Product launches at the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin are giving consumers an unprecedented choice of screen sizes. But analysts are questioning whether consumers can learn to love them all.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs06 Sept. 11 02:22