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  • Apple's next big thing? Video, analyst says

    Apple's next big thing may be a video platform that combines cameras in the next versions of the iPhone and iPad with the giant data center the company's building in North Carolina, an analyst said today.

    Written by Gregg Keizer22 April 10 05:06
  • Nvidia's Ion 2 brings HD video to netbooks

    Nvidia is launching the Ion 2 graphics platform, which could potentially turn netbooks into full-fledged multimedia boxes that can play back high-definition video.

    Written by Agam Shah03 March 10 06:08
  • Skype video calls go high-definition

    Skype users can now make high-definition video calls as long as they have an HD webcam and sufficient bandwidth and processing power, Skype said on Tuesday. The company also announced that HDTVs will ship later this year with its Internet calling software embedded on them.

    Written by James Niccolai05 Jan. 10 16:03