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  • What's Hindering Healthcare IT Innovation (And How That Can Change)

    No one disputes the healthcare industry's need to apply technology to the patient care process -- or difficulty of doing it. In that vein, the recent Center for Connected Health Symposium examined innovations that could change care delivery as well as the drivers that will help the industry get there.

    Written by Brian Eastwood11 Nov. 13 16:18
  • 11 Ways to Make Healthcare IT Easier

    The phrase 'don't boil the ocean' is often used to describe efforts to introduce IT to healthcare organizations. These 11 tips will help healthcare CIOs make incremental changes that improve business practices without panicking end users.

    Written by Brian Eastwood20 June 13 14:37
  • Healthcare's Accountable Care Organizations Face Daunting IT Task, Deadlines

    Outlined in the Affordable Care Act, the ACO model aims to link hospitals, physician networks, acute care facilities and other organizations in an effort to provide more coordinated care that in turn reduces costs. But ACOs must address four key IT challenges before a strict government deadlines impose financial penalties.

    Written by John Moore03 June 13 14:14