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  • Harris Corp. sees opportunity, challenges in the cloud

    With all the <a href="">security</a> challenges encompassed in <a href="">cloud services</a>, one company is working to ensure that its users and other customers can rely on it for <a href="">business critical computing</a>.

    Written by Jim Duffy03 Nov. 11 21:32
  • Cloud computing in the U.S. shows momentum

    How widespread is business use of cloud computing? The results of one survey published Tuesday suggest use of both public and private clouds has real momentum in the United States, with private cloud computing appearing to be more popular.

    Written by Ellen Messmer06 Oct. 10 00:39
  • Facebook and Twitter banned by Pa. college

    Harrisburg University provost Eric Darr wants to know if his students can live without Facebook, Twitter, instant messaging and other social networks for an entire week.

    Written by Jon Brodkin15 Sept. 10 06:24
  • Texas county scrambles to replace e-voting machines destroyed in fire

    Officials in Harris County, Texas are scrambling to find replacement e-voting machines for this year's gubernatorial elections after a massive fire last week destroyed all 10,000 machines originally scheduled for use in the polls.

    Written by Jaikumar Vijayan03 Sept. 10 07:46
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  • Did e-mail and the Internet kill the 9-5 workday?

    Have you checked your work e-mailtoday? If you're like most employees in the United States and United Kingdom, the answer is yes despite the fact that it is not only the weekend, but an extended holiday weekend for most workers in the US. A day off is becoming an increasingly foreign concept as workers stay connected virtually 24/7.

    Written by Tony Bradley06 Sept. 10 23:43