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  • Monday Grok: Counting numbers on The Australian's pay wall

    Waves of creative destruction have defined the emergence of digital channels on the Web. So have the struggles of incumbents to adapt. This article is free, but if it were published over at The Australian, sooner or later you would run up against its very permeable pay wall which launched today in response to its failed online advertising model.

    Written by Andrew Birmingham24 Oct. 11 11:16
  • Wednesday Grok: 99.4% approval in the People's Republic of Telstra

    Telstra received a stunning 99.4 per cent (and rising) vote of approval for its NBN deal with the government. That tells us two things. Firstly, the government is paying too much. That's why they got knocked over in the stampede by TLS shareholders. And secondly, that the shareholder who suggested to Telstra’s board yesterday that the country was becoming increasingly like a third world dictatorship had no idea how ironic his comments really were.

    Written by Andrew Birmingham19 Oct. 11 09:37
  • Tuesday Grok: War and peace, Apple and Samsung

    Predictably Samsung’s lawyers went the tonk yesterday in the New South Wales Federal Court, bringing an action against Apple to halt the sale of its iPhone 4S in Australia.

    Written by Andrew Birmingham18 Oct. 11 12:56