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  • Tiny Linux plug PC offers a Cloud computing alternative

    Linux-based plug computers such as the Sheevaplug have been drawing fresh attention for some time already, but on Monday MimoMonitors launched the new MimoPlug, a tiny, cube-shaped contender that's designed as a desktop PC alternative for cloud computing applications.

    Written by Katherine Noyes14 June 11 03:43
  • Greenpeace: Apple the top environmental offender in tech

    Apple has long prided itself on the environmental consciousness behind its products, and consistently aims to get greener. But according to Greenpeace's report measuring the amount and type of energy consumed by top tech companies' data centers, Apple is doing a poor job with its energy consumption.

    Written by Brennon Slattery23 April 11 04:07
  • Facebook shares green data center designs but keeps x86

    Facebook is a wonder of our age. With more than half a billion users, the fact it serves detailed and personalized pages to every user--within a second or two of them asking for it--is mind-blowing.

    Written by Keir Thomas13 April 11 03:56