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  • Obama's options for tech immigration take shape

    When President Barack Obama takes executive action on immigration, he's expected to give final approval to a rule allowing spouses of H-1B visa holders, now barred from working in the U.S., to get jobs.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau21 Aug. 14 08:08
  • Cosmonauts deploy nanosatellites during spacewalk

    Two Russian cosmonauts are in the middle of a spacewalk outside of the International Space Station, in part to release a nanosatellite that will take images of Earth.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin19 Aug. 14 04:41
  • Mars rover Curiosity's top 5 scientific discoveries

    NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has already achieved its initial mission, proving that the Red Planet could have once sustained life, but one scientist says its greatest accomplishments could be in the year ahead.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin06 Aug. 14 06:19
  • NASA plans next-gen scientific tools for 2020 Mars rover

    NASA has planned out the new and improved scientific instruments that will be included onboard the next robotic Mars rover. The instruments will look for signs of past life and the ability to create oxygen and rocket fuel on the Red Planet.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin01 Aug. 14 06:13
  • Feds arrest Florida man who allegedly conned Apple out of $309K

    A Florida man was arrested and charged with wire fraud after he allegedly bilked more than three-dozen Apple stores across the country of more than $309,000 worth of products over a several-month stretch.

    Written by Gregg Keizer29 July 14 20:46
  • California sees IT shifting to IBM-built cloud

    California is moving its IT services to a cloud, on-demand, subscription-based service that state officials believe may meet as much as 80% of its computing needs.

    Written by Patrick Thibodeau25 July 14 06:06
  • NASA upgrades humanoid robot in space

    The 300-pound humanoid robot working on the International Space Station is in the midst of getting a series of upgrades, including new processors and software in preparation of having a pair of legs attached to it.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin23 July 14 04:36