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  • Tech CEOs Warn of Threats to Cloud, Big Data Economy

    Leaders of some of the nation's top tech firms say protectionist cloud policies and Internet restrictions could undermine the potential of the data revolution. To that end, they call on policymakers to advocate the free flow of information across national borders -- and to pay special attention to nations restricting Internet freedom.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin14 March 14 14:30
  • Can the Feds Make Health IT Systems Talk to Each Other?

    Government officials are reluctant to issue mandates on standards and interoperability for health IT devices and applications -- but advocates say that's exactly what healthcare needs to promote innovation and improve patient care.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin07 Feb. 14 16:59
  • Solving Healthcare's Big Data Analytics Security Conundrum

    HIPAA understandably makes it hard for organizations to obtain personal health information and even harder to use that information for the purpose of data analysis. Empowering patients to own and share their own data -- and then assuring them that it's being properly de-identified -- can ease this process.

    Written by Brian Eastwood07 Oct. 13 14:17
  • Five things PRISM teaches CIOs about doing business in today's world

    Revelations that the United States government is monitoring Internet data from tech giants such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft should make your company reconsider where and how it stores data--all while realising that, at the end of the day, surveillance practices (usually) stay a secret for a reason.

    Written by Jonathan Hassell06 Aug. 13 14:23
  • Health Information Exchange Critical But Suffers From Complications

    Efforts to expedite the adoption of health information exchange in the United States face a bevy of technology, management and financial questions. There are no easy answers, since HIE organizations are as different as the regions, the populations and the healthcare providers they represent. But there are some lessons to be learned.

    Written by Brian Eastwood01 April 13 13:25
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  • Gigabit Internet Service Providers Challenge Traditional ISPs

    Companies such as Comcast and Time Warner don't think the United States is ready for -- or even needs -- gigabit Internet, but Google Fiber and a host of independent initiatives suggest that they are faster and cheaper.

    Written by J.D. Sartain18 Feb. 14 17:44
  • Why Healthcare Providers Aren't Happy With EHR Systems

    The U.S. government is giving the healthcare industry billions of dollars in incentives to use electronic health records. Most organizations have EHR software in place, but as many as 35 percent wish they could switch systems. Are EHR vendors to blame, or are deeper forces at work?

    Written by Brian Eastwood01 July 13 13:22