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  • Federal Government outs draft five-year ICT strategy

    The Federal Government’s lead ICT procurement and coordination agency has prioritised delivery of better services, open engagement and the improvement of government operations as a means to improving use of ICT in Canberra.

    Written by Chloe Herrick14 April 11 08:57
  • Human Services, CSIRO tailor social media monitor

    The Department of Human Services will soon deploy a tailored social media monitoring tool with an aim to better listen and respond to conversations concerning the department’s offerings.

    Written by James Hutchinson03 Nov. 10 18:13
  • Critics attack government declaration of open government

    The Federal Government's use of its fledgling blog to publish its declaration of open government last week has stimulated a vigorous debate about the initiative -- with some commenters offering their congratulations, and others condemnation over what they see as the contrasting mandatory internet filtering initiative.

    Written by Renai LeMay19 July 10 10:59