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  • Google opens Wave in a box

    Google Wave, the social networking service canceled by Google, will morph into an application bundle for real-time collaboration, a Google engineer said this week.

    Written by Paul Krill04 Sept. 10 02:01
  • Google Wave: Promised a tsunami, delivered a ripple

    Google has pulled the plug on Google Wave. The communication and collaboration tool promised to revolutionize communication--with Google arrogantly asserting that Wave would supersede e-mail the same way the computer made the typewriter obsolete once upon a time. Unfortunately, nobody really understood what to do with Wave, and Google never gave any useful guidance to clarify it.

    Written by Tony Bradley06 Aug. 10 08:17
  • Facebook, Twitter killed Google Wave

    Was it a social network or a collaboration tool on steroids? Nobody could quite agree, and it’s one reason for the demise of Google Wave.

    Written by Georgina Swan06 Aug. 10 08:53
  • Google drops Google Wave

    A little more than a year after the service was launched, Google is pulling the plug on its Google Wave social-networking service, the company said Wednesday.

    Written by Joab Jackson05 Aug. 10 08:26
  • Google I/O: Will We Get to See Google TV?

    Google may be getting ready to launch its fabled Google TV set-top box during the company's Google I/O developer conference on Thursday, according to the latest rumors. The search giant may also make an Android announcement, possibly introducing Android 2.2, the next iteration of Google's smartphone OS.

    Written by Ian Paul21 May 10 02:48
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  • Google Wave: A new kind of mega-application

    Google Wave, an upcoming Web application that mixes old technologies like e-mail, IM and online documents in a unified, socially-oriented view, could break down the traditional ways in which we compartmentalize and separate information - both as consumers and businesspeople.

    Written by C.G. Lynch01 June 09 03:31