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  • Google renews licensing deal with AP for news content

    After months of negotiations, Google has renewed the content licensing deal that allows it to publish full-text news articles from the Associated Press on Google sites such as Google News.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez31 Aug. 10 07:39
  • Google updates News site following complaints

    Nearly two weeks after rolling out a Google News redesign, Google has added a new feature to the page in hopes of placating complainers. The feature lets people opt to view news stories in two columns, unlike the initial redesign that listed all stories in a single long column.

    Written by Nancy Gohring19 July 10 05:50
  • Google, publishers team to develop online news tool

    Google is looking to change the way you read news online. The online giant, whose Google News page is a major - and conroversial - news aggregator, has teamed up with The New York Times and the Washington Post to develop a new online tool that's designed to prioritize articles on major news stories as they develop.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin09 Dec. 09 08:30
  • Google makes it easier for news sites to opt-out

    In what will be seen as a concession to media baron Rupert Murdoch, Google has made it easier for news sites -such as those Murdoch controls - to opt-out of Google News.

    Written by David Coursey03 Dec. 09 07:51
  • Google news goes offline

    It was a bad news day for Google on Tuesday, as the company's Google News site went offline for about an hour.

    Written by Robert McMillan24 Sept. 09 11:01
  • Google tries to enhance news browsing with Fast Flip

    Google is developing a product called Fast Flip that aims to make it simpler and faster to browse through news articles on the Web, a process that the company finds is cumbersome and discourages people from reading more online.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez15 Sept. 09 07:42
  • Italy opens antitrust investigation into Google News

    Italy's Antitrust Authority has opened an investigation into Google Italy for alleged abuse of its dominant position in the Internet search market, the Authority announced Thursday.

    Written by Philip Willan28 Aug. 09 03:21