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  • The Chromebook FAQ

    One of the big announcements at Google's I/O developer conference is the release of notebooks running the search giant's Chrome OS.

    Written by TechWorld staff13 May 11 10:48
  • Standing room only for HTML5

    Anyone wondering about the level of interest in the HTML5 specification need only have tried to get into a standing room-only session on the topic at Google's developer conference on Wednesday afternoon.

    Written by Paul Krill20 May 10 20:16
  • Google I/O: Will We Get to See Google TV?

    Google may be getting ready to launch its fabled Google TV set-top box during the company's Google I/O developer conference on Thursday, according to the latest rumors. The search giant may also make an Android announcement, possibly introducing Android 2.2, the next iteration of Google's smartphone OS.

    Written by Ian Paul21 May 10 02:48
  • Google's App Engine now in business version

    Google will make a strong pitch to enterprise programmers at its I/O developer conference Wednesday with the unveiling of a business version of its App Engine application hosting service and with new cloud portability initiatives in partnership with VMware.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez20 May 10 05:41