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  • Black Hat 2015: Hacker shows how to alter messages on satellite network

    Globalstar satellite transmissions used for tracking truck fleets and wilderness hikers can be hacked to alter messages being sent with possibly dire consequences for pilots, shipping lines, war correspondents and businesses that use the system to keep an eye on their remote assets.

    Written by Tim Greene07 Aug. 15 00:51
  • FCC clears the way for faster Wi-Fi

    U.S. regulators are opening up spectrum that could allow for Wi-Fi services with speeds of one gigabit per second and faster.

    Written by Grant Gross01 April 14 07:08
  • FCC urged to make more Wi-Fi spectrum available

    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission should move forward with a plan to open up new 5GHz spectrum to Wi-Fi as consumer demand for wireless bandwidth skyrockets, a member of the commission said Friday.

    Written by Grant Gross07 March 14 21:07