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  • GlobalSign plans to reopen Tuesday despite web server hack

    GlobalSign expects to bring its certificate-issuing systems back online on Monday, and resume business Tuesday, it said over the weekend. The U.S. certificate authority (CA) stopped issuing new SSL certificates last Tuesday in order to audit its security, after being named as a target by the hacker who claimed to have attacked Dutch CA DigiNotar.

    Written by John Ribeiro12 Sept. 11 17:38
  • After hacking claims, second firm pulls digital certificates

    Digital certificates issued by GlobalSign have come under scrutiny after a hacker's claim that he broke into the company's computer systems. If true, it would be the second such compromise in the past few weeks.

    Written by Robert McMillan07 Sept. 11 08:51
  • Comodo hacker claims credit for DigiNotar attack

    The hacker responsible for a stunning attack on a Dutch company that issues security certificates for websites warned on Monday that he would "strike back again," after previously breaching another company earlier this year.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk06 Sept. 11 23:02