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  • Yum Brands' recipe for global collaboration

    When Yum Brands set out three years ago to develop a global know-how-sharing framework to step up its ability to exchange information about best practices, the $11.3 billion restaurant company knew it had to build technology to let employees easily find, share and study corporate data.

    Written by Kim S. Nash27 May 11 04:22
  • Globalisation: Choosing technology that fits your market

    Aegon Religare wants to grow its insurance sales in tandem with the salaries of a burgeoning middle class in India. The fastest way to do it, company executives determined last year, would be to sell policies on the Internet-a novel way to market insurance in that country.

    Written by Kim S. Nash30 Sept. 10 07:30
  • Cloud Storage: How it Helps Companies Expand Globally

    Who is doing it: Companies that can't afford multiple data centers or that want to get into a new location quickly can turn to a service provider to store their data. Ethernet switch startup Arista Networks uses a service from Egnyte to back up PCs and share files internally, as well as with partners and customers. Each time Arista sets up a sales operation in a new country, its data is available at the end of any broadband connection. Cloud-based storage on U.S. soil can help companies get around certain countries' censorship rules, says analyst Andreas Antonopoulos of Nemertes Research. It may also support use of encryption technologies that are subject to export controls.

    Written by Stephen Lawson31 Aug. 10 07:31
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  • Are You Qualified to Be a Global CIO?

    You don't need emerging markets experience to make it as a global CIO. But you do need a diverse set of skills and the willingness to shake up the status quo.

    Written by Stephanie Overby18 Nov. 09 08:38
  • The Global CIO Job Description

    Let's take the glamorous title of "Global CIO" and break it down into some of the job realities. What do multinational CIOs have to do that their domestic counterparts don't?

    Written by Maryfran Johnson18 Nov. 09 08:32

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