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  • Why 2013 will be toughest year since GFC

    Australia is celebrating its 21st year without recession. Most recessions come in seven to ten year cycles, so a correction is well overdue. And the next one could be bone rattling.

    Written by CFO World Staff30 Aug. 12 09:21
  • CFOs concerned that cash is no longer king

    Heads of finance are finding it difficult to convince managers of the need for continued careful cash management post-GFC

    Written by Trevor Clawson16 May 11 10:16
  • CFO to steer the ship in succession planning

    In privately held companies the role of the CFO is often extended far beyond treasury and finance matters. With Australia’s two million family businesses being are valued at up to $1.5 trillion, it is inevitable that the CFO will become pivotal in any exit strategy and succession planning.

    Written by Morris Kaplan01 March 11 12:05
  • The big risks for CFOs in 2011

    In Australia the concerns of CFOs were until recently around balance sheet rebuilding and cost cutting. Defensive actions may continue at the fringes but all up, 2011 looks set to be the year in which corporate start spending again

    Written by Morris Kaplan27 Jan. 11 16:12
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