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  • Merkel reportedly seeking no-spying deal with China over Huawei issue

    Chancellor Angela Merkel wants to agree a deal with China not to spy on each other so that Germany does not have to exclude Huawei on principle from building a 5G network in Germany, a magazine on Tuesday cited security sources as saying.

    Written by Reuters28 Feb. 19 09:02
  • Data belonging to German politicians published online in breach

    Personal data and documents from hundreds of German politicians and public figures including Chancellor Angela Merkel have been published online in what appears to be one of Germany's most far-reaching data breaches.

    Written by Reuters05 Jan. 19 13:20
  • Germany launches criminal investigation of Google

    German prosecutors have launched a criminal investigation over whether Google broke data protection regulations when it collected fragments of Wi-Fi data while shooting imagery for its mapping application.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk20 May 10 22:06
  • Nigeria asks Germany for info on Siemens bribery case

    Nigeria's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is asking German authorities for a copy of the sentence a Munich court handed in the case of two former Siemens managers found guilty of bribery to obtain telecom contracts in Nigeria.

    Written by Michael Malakata22 May 10 00:38
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  • Online banking device reads information from a screen

    As German banks layer more security into their online banking procedures, security vendor Gemalto has launched a device it says makes completing transactions easier.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk26 June 09 02:07