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  • Hulu Plus comes to Nintendo 3DS, Wii; 3DS gets 3D video recording

    Nintendo 3DS and Wii console owners will get a number of updates in late 2011, including Hulu Plus on both devices and 3D video recording on the 3DS, Nintendo announced Friday. Hulu Plus will land on the Wii and 3DS by the end of the year, while Nintendo promises 3DS owners they will be able to record up to ten minutes of 3D video by the end of November.

    Written by Ian Paul22 Oct. 11 03:58
  • PlayStation scam makes FBI warning list

    Sony PlayStation users are being warned by the FBI about scams targeting them and other online consumers.

    Written by John P. Mello Jr.06 Sept. 11 01:10
  • PlayStation Network users fed up, but not ready to leave

    Sony PlayStation Network users are fed up with chronic outages, corporate doublespeak, and a lack of network playtime. But their bark may be worse than their bite. A completely unscientific look at the loyalty of Sony PSN customers suggest a willingness to forgive Sony for its woes and forget the headaches as of late.

    Written by David Daw20 May 11 09:22
  • Tablets are category killers across the board

    Computer manufacturers, makers of video gear and game machines, be nervous. Research from Google's AdMob group shows there's a new Borg in town: Tablet computers.

    Written by Lisa Greim14 April 11 09:39