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  • CIO Executive Council launches Pathways Express

    The CIO Executive Council has launched Pathways Express, a one-day intensive learning and development program for organisations that want to improve the business acumen of their senior ICT executives.

    Written by CIO Staff24 June 14 16:38
  • CIO Q&A: MVRC's Chris Skorsis

    With just over a decade of experience in the CIO role, Chris Skorsis has seen it change and evolve over the years into a business leadership role. However, he says for CIOs to perform just as well with the business side of things as they do with technology they need to start equipping themselves with a business education.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett03 April 13 15:15
  • The chameleon CIO

    What will your role as CIO be like in 10 years? You know it will change but how will it change and what new skills will you need? Being a CIO has never been easy and it is about to get a lot tougher.

    Written by David Gwillim21 Dec. 11 09:00
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  • Get the fundamentals right, then transform the business

    IT needs to be a trusted and engaged business unit partner, says Charlie Sukkar, CIO with building products firm CSR Ltd. And that is exactly what he has set out to do – building strong relationships with other C-level executives which have a focus that is “more about achievement than it is about hierarchy”.

    Written by Tim Mendham19 April 13 09:27

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