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  • FCC releases 400-page net neutrality order

    The 400-page net neutrality order released by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission includes a long legal defense of the commission's vote last month to reclassify broadband as a regulated telecommunications service.

    Written by Grant Gross13 March 15 06:00
  • FCC chairman doesn't plan to release net neutrality order before vote

    The chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission has no plans to release the text of his proposed net neutrality order before a scheduled commission vote on it later this month, despite a request from some Republican lawmakers to do so.

    Written by Grant Gross04 Feb. 15 03:28
  • US FTC calls on IoT vendors to protect privacy

    Companies developing Internet of Things (IoT) products should adopt best practices to protect the privacy and security of consumers, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission has recommended.

    Written by Grant Gross28 Jan. 15 05:54
  • Republican net neutrality bill allows 'reasonable' network management

    Draft net neutrality legislation released Friday by Republican leaders in the U.S. Congress would prohibit broadband providers from blocking or selectively slowing legal Web content, but it would allow them to engage in "reasonable" network management.

    Written by Grant Gross17 Jan. 15 08:17