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  • ​Why machine learning may help stop payment fraud

    In 2017, the New Payments Platform (NPP) – infrastructure that offers real time payments between financial institutions and their customers’ accounts – will come into effect.

    Written by David Gee09 Feb. 16 11:13
  • Darkode cybercrime forum might be making a comeback

    The former administrator of Darkode, the online cybercrime forum that was recently shut down by law enforcement agencies, is preparing to bring it back, with better security and privacy for its members.

    Written by Lucian Constantin29 July 15 03:20
  • Nigerian scammers buy exploit kits to defraud Asian businesses

    A small group of Nigerian scammers is using more sophisticated methods to defraud mostly Asian businesses, including buying exploit kits and malware from experienced coders, according to a new report from FireEye.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk23 July 15 13:07
  • Online ad industry tries to stamp out click fraud

    The online advertising industry is marshaling a fresh effort to fight click fraud, which steals money from advertisers and undermines faith in online campaigns.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk22 July 15 14:29
  • New point-of-sale malware distributed by Andromeda botnet

    Cybercriminals are casting increasingly wider nets in their search for new point-of-sale systems to infect. This appears to be the case with a new memory scraping malware program called GamaPoS that's distributed by a large botnet known as Andromeda.

    Written by Lucian Constantin17 July 15 02:54
  • Cybercriminals increasingly target point of sales systems

    The data breach landscape could look very different in the future with the increased adoption of chip-enabled payment cards in North America -- but for now point-of-sale systems account for the majority of breaches there, compared to a tiny minority in other regions of the world.

    Written by Lucian Constantin10 June 15 00:00
  • Sally Beauty confirms second payment card breach

    Sally Beauty Holdings has confirmed that hackers broke into its payment systems and stole customer card data. About a year ago the retail chain suffered a similar intrusion.

    Written by Lucian Constantin15 May 15 22:56
  • Police breaks up cybergang that stole over $15 million from banks

    Romanian authorities have detained 25 people who are suspected of being members of an international gang of cyberthieves who hacked into banks, cloned payment cards and used them to steal over US$15 million.

    Written by Lucian Constantin27 April 15 21:33