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  • Food traceability on its own is ‘just boring’: FSC co-founder

    An Australian creator of digital identities for food producers claims it is going beyond simple ‘traceability’ with a blockchain-based technology that shows retailers and consumers the exact quality of food being marketed.

    Written by Byron Connolly26 Sept. 19 16:06
  • ERP Systems Provide Visibility Into Food Safety

    As food production gets increasingly complicated, food manufacturers often struggle to track products from raw materials to packaged goods -- and, in the event of a recall, from packaged goods to raw materials. Even those with automated quality systems often find it hard to integrate supply chain data. That's why some food makers are turning to specialized ERP systems.

    Written by John Moore01 Oct. 13 20:07
  • The Dangers of Disconnected Data

    CIOs in the food and pharma industries confront unique challenges in untangling complex supply chains to ensure product safety and availability.

    Written by Maryfran Johnson26 June 13 22:58