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  • Vine coming to Windows Phone 8

    Vine, the trendy Twitter-owned mobile video app, is coming to the Windows Phone 8 operating system about six months after its initial launch on iOS.

    Written by Zach Miners11 July 13 19:10
  • Flipboard's service collapses on iPhone app launch

    Flipboard's servers couldn't handle the volume of new users as its first iPhone app launched today. Flipboard shipped its first iPhone app earlier today, but within hours the company acknowledged that its service was down, overwhelmed by demand.

    Written by Gregg Keizer08 Dec. 11 05:44
  • Flipboard launches iPad app to adulation, rush of users

    Flipboard, a new iPad application that presents the news links in a user's Twitter and Facebook media streams in the style of a magazine, launched to immediate adulation on Wednesday but the rush of users meant a few glitches for early adopters.

    Written by Martyn Williams21 July 10 16:44
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  • The Grill: Enterprise Business Partners CIO Pradip Sitaram

    Pradip Sitaram, CIO at Enterprise Business Partners, led a project to modernize the nonprofit housing developer's IT infrastructure, introducing agile development and cloud-based computing along the way.

    Written by Robert L. Mitchell03 Dec. 12 11:17