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  • Why your trendy office is bad for business

    ​Across the nation, cubicles have been dismantled and office doors discarded to make space for Fussball tables, treadmill desks and foam-padded ‘pods’. But are hip, open-plan office spaces good for productivity? A growing body of research suggests not.

    Written by George Nott13 Sept. 17 16:02
  • Is flexible working bad for your career?

    Australia’s skilled professionals certainly think so. An online poll of 3,248 Australian workers has found that 94 per cent would prefer to work flexibly – but fear it would disadvantage their career.

    Written by George Nott30 May 17 12:25
  • Why Canon Australia shunned activity-based working (well, kinda)

    It may only be a five-minute walk from the company's old Australian headquarters, but when it comes to facilitating flexible working there's a million miles between Canon's old HQ and its new Sydney office, according to Ian Flemington, general manager of HR and communications.

    Written by Rohan Pearce03 July 14 12:56

Whitepapers about flexible working

  • The future of work: Reshaping the workplace today. Building for tomorrow.

    This research report looks at the future of the workplace, and how employee productivity and business profitability will be impacted. Focusing on the special challenges relevant to businesses with fewer than 100 employees, this whitepaper examines how to manage employees that want to work from home, the use of BYOD computers and tablets, and methods for extracting real world productivity and value from your teams.