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  • 4 Ways Federal Fiscal Austerity Will Impact CIOs

    First there was the fiscal cliff. Now there's the sequester. Neither caused the sky to fall, but both will have a slow, steady impact on the economy. That means CIOs should tread carefully when crafting IT budgets for the next couple years--and shouldn't be surprised to hear 'No.'

    Written by Jonathan Hassell20 March 13 13:31
  • How the fiscal cliff affects IT

    Since the election, the political news cycle has revolved around the impending "fiscal cliff," a perfect storm of tax increases and government spending cuts set to take effect on Jan. 2, 2013. Although the IT industry may not have paid much attention, it's just as susceptible to the policy changes as the rest of the economy.

    Written by Colin Neagle06 Dec. 12 16:56
  • IT industry could be blindsided by fiscal cliff

    As Congress continues to debate how it should prevent the federal government and national economy from plummeting off the so-called fiscal cliff at the end of the year, many technology companies - particularly smaller businesses and startups - may be unprepared for the ensuing changes.

    Written by Colin Neagle06 Dec. 12 16:56