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  • Mozilla sets Firefox 4 release for November

    Mozilla plans to ship a beta of Firefox 4 next month, and a final by the end of November, a company executive said yesterday.

    Written by Gregg Keizer12 May 10 03:39
  • Firefox 3.6 adds speed, Personas-is it enough?

    The just-released final version of Firefox 3.6 is a moderate improvement over previous versions -- it's faster and introduces a nifty new feature or two. But at heart, it's the same browser that has steadily gained market share against Internet Explorer for years.

    Written by Preston Gralla23 Jan. 10 10:38
  • To boost security, Mozilla launches plugin checker

    Mozilla developers have launched a new online tool that tells Firefox users whether popular add-on components such as Java or QuickTime are up to date.

    Written by Robert McMillan15 Oct. 09 06:47