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  • Workday spans finance and HR with real-time planning tool

    Workday has long been known for its financial and HR software, and on Tuesday it rolled out a new enterprise offering that spans both areas with a focus on planning, budgeting and forecasting.

    Written by Katherine Noyes30 June 15 23:18
  • Workday targets professional services with new suite

    Anyone who's ever worked in professional services knows that the focus there on people and billable projects can open up a world of specialized requirements from any supporting business software. With that very distinction in mind, Workday on Thursday unveiled a new suite of financial and human-resources tools designed specifically for professional services users.

    Written by Katherine Noyes10 April 15 03:45
  • New SAP Cloud app targets finance professionals

    Hard on the heels of the recent announcement of its next-generation S/4Hana enterprise software platform, SAP has unveiled a new sSoftware-as-a-Service application aimed at finance professionals but delivering a consumer-like experience.

    Written by Katherine Noyes19 Feb. 15 07:03
  • Fuming TurboTax Users Force Intuit to Issue Rebate

    Adele Framer was ready to buy this year's edition of Intuit's TurboTax software when she noticed some flaming reviews on Amazon. Customers were red hot about a series of unannounced changes to the popular tax preparation program.

    Written by Bill Snyder04 Feb. 15 08:33